There are a lot of reasons people sell their engagement rings. Perhaps they need to get a new ring of a different size, or they’ve grown weary of the style and want to try something new. Of course, sometimes it’s simply because things didn’t work out and they’d prefer not to be reminded of a broken relationship. If you’ve gotten to the point where you’re ready to sell your own engagement ring, you’ll need to take the process seriously if you want to make the most money off it. As you visit places to sell diamonds in Atlanta, here are a few simple steps you should keep in mind.

Have Reasonable Expectations

White Gold Square Cut Diamond RingYour engagement ring might have been expensive when it was purchased, and it may have several diamonds, but you need to be realistic about what its value is. This can be particularly difficult with engagement rings because they hold so much sentimental value. Unfortunately, they have yet to find a way to put a dollar price on sentiment, so you can’t expect diamond jewelry buyers in Atlanta to add sentimental value to the ring’s price. If you still have fond feelings for your engagement ring, take that into consideration when you get it appraised. You don’t want to make any decisions that you might regret.

What’s the Condition?

There are several factors that can influence the price of your ring. If it was custom made, it could hurt the value of the ring if you have unconventional tastes, or if the style is no longer fashionable. Dents and scratches can have a detrimental effect on its value as well. Look at it objectively to see where there’s damage. If it’s extensive, it might be a good idea to have it repaired. Before paying for repairs, however, get a quote in advance so you can determine if it’s worth it. One of the most cost-effective ways to “repair” your ring is by having it cleaned. You can try it by yourself or have it done professionally, but either way, a good cleaning can greatly enhance the look (and perhaps the value) of your engagement ring.

Have Documentation

Anyone with interest in buying your engagement ring will want proof that it’s authentic. With such a big purchase, hopefully, you or your partner kept the proof of purchase. This could be particularly helpful if your ring came from a prominent jeweler. Obtaining a grading certificate from a certified jeweler can be helpful for informing potential buyers of the quality of your diamonds and other precious gems.

Find the Right Buyer

There are several places to find potential buyers for your engagement ring, but these are the most common.

  • Auction websites — There’s always the possibility that interest in your ring will drive the price up, and if it never reaches your minimum, you can always withdraw it.
  • Pawnshops — This is only an option if you want to sell quickly because you’re unlikely to get the best price.
  • Online vendors — Online shops like Etsy make it easy to display and sell your ring. The prices are fixed, however, so choose your selling point wisely.
  • Jewelers — Certified jewelers are safe and reliable places to sell your jewelry. They’ll appraise your ring and make you an offer. If you don’t like it, you’re under no obligation to sell.

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