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Diamond Necklace Settings and Styles

Diamonds are a beautiful gemstone that look great on any kind of jewelry. Diamond necklaces and pendants are a classic piece for anyone’s collection and comes in a variety of styles and settings to complement any lifestyle. From simple designs to extravagant ones, if...

How to Clean a Diamond Ring

A diamond ring is an expensive piece of jewelry that requires basic upkeep to keep it as shiny as the day you got it. Not only is this a valuable purchase financially, odds are it also holds sentimental value which means you’ll be trying to do your best to take care...

What’s the Value of My Jewelry?

If you’ve been looking into reselling some of your jewelry lately, you may be curious about how much it is worth and what you will be able to get for it in terms of value. There are different types of value that can be assigned to a piece of jewelry. Here’s a basic...

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