There’s plenty that goes into choosing an engagement ring from the stones to the design. One of the aspects of the rings that must also be decided early on is the setting. These are unique to each engagement ring and is one way of adding a touch of personality to the look of the ring.

What is a Ring Setting?

The setting of the ring brings together the diamond and the metal. It describes the way the diamond is secured to the band and plays a role in the look and feel of the ring.

Types of Ring Settings

There are a variety of ring settings to choose from and doing a bit of research beforehand. The setting impacts how the overall ring will look. There are many factors that can impact how you choose the setting including personal style and the center stone. Larger stones will be much more secure with additional prongs and may benefit from settings like the bezel setting which can ensure the center stone is held tightly.

Prong Setting

This is one of the most common engagement ring settings and is specifically designed to hold rings with a single stone or solitaire ring. This is a simple design that emphasizes the diamond and is a setting that has been popular throughout history for its timeless elegance and its ability to highlight the brilliance of the stones.

Cathedral Setting

The cathedral setting is characterized by many arcs that extend to accentuate the center stone. This is an architectural setting style that allows the center stone to sit even higher on the ring finger, drawing more attention to the diamond.

Bezel Setting

This setting fully encloses the center stone, creating a perimeter around the edges of the diamond. This is a setting that is well-suited for larger diamonds because it can securely hold a stone in place and protect it from risks of chipping.

Basket Setting

The basket setting is similar to the prong setting but holds the center stone more securely than the prong setting. It hugs the diamond lower and creates a basket-like shape to protect the stone and minimize the chances of scratching it up.

Halo Setting

Halo settings are a great way to emphasize the center stone and make it appear larger than it is. This setting consists of a center stone surrounded by accent stones and is a good option for those that enjoy the sparkling look of multiple diamonds. This setting can be used for modern or vintage designs making it very versatile for ring shoppers.

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