There’s a lot to cover when it comes to shopping for engagement rings. This is an exciting time for a couple, and we hope to use this blog to prepare anyone who is looking into engagement rings of all the details involved. There are many factors to consider, from questions to ask your loved one as well as questions to ask the jeweler.

Questions to Ask Your Future Spouse

  • What Style Do They Like?
  • What Cut of Diamond are They Looking for?
  • What Size of Carat Do They Prefer?
  • What is the Ring Size?

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What is My Budget?
  • What is My Timeline for the Proposal?
  • What Should I Read Up on Before Shopping? Think Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat.
  • How Do I Intend on Paying for the Ring?

Questions to Ask the Jeweler

  • What Are the Options for Customizations?
  • Are Engravings an Option?
  • Can I Purchase the Ring as Part of a Bridal Set?
  • Are There Different Payment Plans Available?
  • Is There a Warranty on the Ring?

While there are many questions you’ll have, there are just as many ways of obtaining answers to them. Get creative and consult those who have more knowledge than you. For it comes to finding out what your loved one would like, you can simply ask them. Many couples discuss their engagement before any shopping has begun. You can also take hints from their style, their friends and family, or any pictures they may have saved.

Doing the proper research beforehand will help you answer many of your own questions. Look into the average costs of the types of rings you are looking for. Make sure to account for any customizations you may want. Take a realistic look at your finances and what you’re willing and capable of paying for. Finally, have your proposal timeline in mind. Does it revolve around a trip or coordinating with friends and family? You’ll want to give yourself ample time to get the ring.

Finally, your jeweler will be on of your most helpful allies when it comes to ring shopping. They have extensive knowledge when it comes to this topic and have walked thousands of others through the same process. They will also be able to give you the best information on what is and isn’t available or possible if you are looking for specific design customizations or are on a time crunch.

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