Features of an Engagement Ring

Understanding the components of a ring will be a great benefit to knowing exactly what sorts of decisions you need to make regarding its features. There are three main focuses you’ll need to focus on when looking through options.

Center Stone- This is the stone that makes up the focal point of the ring. It is most common for people to go with a diamond center stone but you can also choose from other options such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies, etc. if you feel that it matches your significant other better.

With decisions around the center stone also comes decisions about the cut of the stone. There are a variety of cuts you can familiarize yourself with before you begin your search.

Setting- The setting describes the portion of the ring that holds the diamond in place. It can affect how the ring looks overall, for example, it can contain hidden halos or different prongs that help the center stone sit higher or lower on the finger.

Band- Finally the band can also come in different varieties to better suit your partner. Do they prefer certain metals over another? Would they like diamonds on the band? How do you want their ring to complement yours? These are all questions to ask yourself before

Finding the Right Ring Size

Most people don’t wear jewelry on their ring finger. Otherwise, it’d be as simple as measuring it whenever your partner takes it off. You can always try to measure their finger when they are asleep by wrapping a piece of string around their finger and marking the spot. Many places offer options for resizing, so you are able to get it adjusted as needed.

Knowing Your Budget

When it comes to ring shopping and picking out the perfect one, it is also important to know what your budget is and do your best to stay within those limits. While these rings can hold significance for couples, overspending when you aren’t able to afford it can also cause strains on a relationship.

There are several factors that come into play when it comes to rings that will affect the overall price and affordability. For example, the diamond itself is a major impact on the price. You will want to consider the 4 C’s- color, cur, clarity, and carat. The clearer a diamond is, the more it will cost. The same goes for larger carats, etc.

If you’re really unsure of what to do, you can go for a simple solitaire ring or pick out a ring to propose with and make a trip to the jewelry store after with your partner to pick out their actual ring. These experiences should be enjoyable for you both so try not to stress too much. Needing help with your engagement ring picks?  Contact Essex Fine Jewelry by dialing 404-495-5805 or browse our collections of engagement rings online.