What to Consider with Engagement Ring Settings

There’s a lot to know about when it comes to picking out the perfect engagement ring. One of the aspects that will need to be considered beforehand is the type of setting your significant other would like on the ring. We’re here to share some tips about ring settings.

Know the Options

There are many types of setting options available and each of them affect how the ring looks overall from how high the diamond sits to its look from different angles. The setting is also an important piece that keeps the diamond or center stone secure. These are a few settings to be aware of.

Prong Setting- This is one of the most common settings. They have small “claws” that hold the stone in place and can be used to feature one stone or multiple stones in the center. It is a great option if we want the most visibility for the stone.

Halo Setting– This setting secures the center stone using a rim of diamonds or other smaller stones. A halo setting can be round or square and is great at protecting the center stone and making it look larger than it is. The downside is that sometimes people experience the smaller diamonds around the ring coming loose.

Pavé Setting– This setting is another popular style that people will go with and is created from a row of tiny stones that are level with the surface of the ring. It involves literally “paving” the ring with smaller stones and allows the center stone to stand out while still creating a subtle and timeless look.

There are many other options when it comes to setting like invisible setting, channel setting, bezel setting, and more.

Questions to Ask When Selecting a Ring Setting

How you want the ring to look, and your significant other’s personal preferences will make a big impact on the setting of the ring. These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself when you’re searching for the perfect engagement ring.

  • What color will the metal be? From yellow gold to white gold to silver or rose gold, the color of the metal will impact the look of the ring.
  • How high will the stone sit? Stones that sit higher may look better to some but can also lead to it getting caught in more places such as hair or getting scratched more easily.
  • How wide of a band do I want? The width of the band impacts how durable the ring is as well as how comfortable it is to wear, and how it will look on your partner’s finger.
  • What is my partner’s lifestyle like? Some people may live more active lifestyles, play sports, do manual activities, or are just prone to being clumsier. In these cases, choosing a more durable setting can protect the ring better.

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