Our diamond jewelry is precious to us for many reasons and because they are valuable in so many ways, it’s important that we learn how to take proper care of them. Diamonds don’t stay pristine and shiny on their own especially when they come across the wear and tear of our everyday lives. Luckily it just takes a bit of maintenance, care, and love your diamond bracelet will look as good as new.

Cleaning a Diamond Bracelets

Your diamond bracelet is exposed to oil and dirt throughout the day. This can be addressed with daily cleaning practices and proper storage of your jewelry.

When it comes to cleaning, do a gentle rinse with warm water and soup. If you use a soft toothbrush to give it a scrub followed by drying with a soft cloth. You want to avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning your bracelet and to be gentle when handling your jewelry.

This is also a great time to inspect your jewelry piece and make sure it is still in good condition. If you notice any scratches, blemishes, or even missing diamonds, take it to the jeweler for repair. The jeweler is also a great resource for keeping your bracelet clean. Oftentimes people will schedule deep cleanings every few months to get their pieces looked over and thoroughly polished.

What Not to Do with Diamond Bracelets

A big aspect to keeping your diamond bracelet looking great is knowing what to avoid. Diamonds are more likely to get damaged or loose if they aren’t properly looked after. The following are situations to avoid with your precious jewelry.

Skip the Chemicals

Even if we’re not intentionally exposing our jewelry to chemicals, they can still come across harmful substances in just our everyday products. Our makeup, lotion, and even soap can lead to buildup on the diamonds. This is why we recommend keeping them out of areas where they can be exposed. Avoid showering in your jewelry or storing it on a bathroom shelf where it’s coming in contact with your products like perfume or hairspray.

Avoid Intensive Activity

Chips can happen if you’re not careful. The best bet is to protect your diamonds by taking them off whenever you’re doing any sort of hard work. This means exercising at the gym, gardening in the backyard, or doing any sort of cleaning. Take the bracelet off beforehand and store it someplace safe preferably the original container with a lint-free cloth.

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