engagement ring and wedding ring placed in red rose

There are usually lots of customs and traditions surrounding weddings and the same goes for rings. It can be confusing to know exactly what is needed and when. Engagement rings and wedding rings are typically worn on the same finger but mean symbolize different things and are used for different events. There are even modern takes on these pieces of jewelry that sees people opting for one or stacking multiple together. Here’s what to know when it comes to engagement rings vs. wedding rings.

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are given at a proposal, and they symbolize an intention to become married at some point. These rings traditionally feature a dominant center stone that is set in a number of different band styles. They usually look more extravagant than a wedding ring does. While diamonds are the most common gemstones that people use, you can also find other varieties like emeralds, sapphires, or other stones.

Wedding Rings

A wedding rings is different from an engagement ring, and it is used at the time of the wedding, usually when vows are said, to symbolize a commitment to each other. This is worn by both partners and is usually simpler in design. It is a simple metal band or band that has a ring of smaller diamonds.

History of Rings

Engagement rings and wedding rings date as far back as ancient Egypt. There is specific meaning behind where they are worn and why. These rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger on the left hand because it was once thought that there was a vein here that led to the heart. In addition, the wedding ring is put on first layered by the engagement ring on top so that the wedding ring is closer to the heart.

In earlier times, an engagement ring was like a financial commitment to the family. But, engagement rings and wedding rings have become much more sentimental as time has progressed. These days they are exchanged to symbolize love between a couple.

What Should I Wear?

It is completely up to personal preference when and where these rings are worn. There are usually a few go-to options. Some people will use their engagement rings as their wedding rings. Others will replace their engagement ring with the wedding ring after they are married. Another option people take is to wear both by picking out bands that will match their ring or buying them in a set. People may keep them on the same finger or wear them on different fingers even if they feel they don’t match well or are more comfortable with one ring on a finger.

It is up to each individual what they like. The most important part is that you are comfortable and happy with your choices. Need help with your engagement or wedding ring picks?  Contact Essex Fine Jewelry in Atlanta, GA by dialing 404-495-5805 or browse our luxury collections of gold and silver jewelry.