The debate between gold and silver is one for the ages with many people giving their input on what they believe are the best ways to decide. Jewelry makes a statement and is used to show off style, represent something significant, or add the finishing touch to your look. Here are some tips and tricks for deciding what pieces to add to your collection.

Using Skin Tone

Basing your jewelry choice on your skin tone used to be one of the most common ways to decide what looks good. The classic piece of advice that people will give is that silver jewelry pairs well with cooler skin tones will gold is great for those with warmer skin tones. To determine which one you fall under, take a light to your veins to see what color they are. Blue veins usually signify a cool skin tone while green veins mean you have a warm skin tone. You can also test it out using a white shirt. If it washes you out, you’re most likely someone with cool undertones.

Skin tones used to be a major factor in picking out jewelry, but times are changing and basing the jewelry you wear solely on your skin tone is very limiting. A new take on this old wisdom is to wear what you’d like but not overwhelm your tone with too much. Take into account things like your clothes, hairstyle and color, and occasion to help you decide.

Mixing and Matching Jewelry

The rules used to tell people not to mix gold and silver at all because this would be a major fashion don’t. It can be harder to play with both types of jewelry but not impossible. It can certainly be something that sets your look apart from others.

When pieces are small or delicate, you can match gold and silver together to create a look that works. It takes some practice so start with a dominant metal and work your way into highlight pieces. Incorporate pieces that are shinier than others or of varying lengths as well to help create some type of contrast.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a unique, coppery color that has also become popular within recent years. It is a stunning metal and has helped many solve the gold versus silver debate because it looks great on any skin tone. Its soft, pink hues make a great match for bringing out the blush colors in your skin, making it an easy go-to color if you’re having trouble deciding what looks best.

Honor Your Personal Style

When it comes down to it, the type of jewelry you wear should be up to your personal preference and style. It is fun to experiment with different precious metals to see what you like. At the end of the day, it is most important to pick pieces that you enjoy and that make you feel good when you’re wearing them.

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