With so many watch options out there these days from those you can grab at a convenience store to those from a high-end jeweler, it can be difficult to assess what goes into a great watch. A quality watch is a statement piece and can speak volumes of you to a random passerby. Watches are also an investment and can be something that you pass on for generations. For those who are wondering what characteristics to keep an eye out for when purchasing their next watch, here’s what you should know.


A quality watch will have some weight to it. Non-luxury watches may also have this quality to them, but the key is making sure it doesn’t feel too lightweight as if you’re putting on a piece of plastic. The watch should make you feel better when you put it on and weight plays a role in this.


You will want to look at the materials that go into making the watch from the glass to the band. Sapphire glass is a quality material that all good watches use. This helps keep it clear and scratch free. As for the band, stainless steel is a standard for cost-effective watches, but higher end watches will use ceramic or titanium.


The original purpose of a watch is to help tell time so, obviously, your watch should be able to accurately tell you the time it is. Quartz movement is one example of a watch that can accurately tell time because these watches have quartz crystals that are carefully cut for the watch.

Water Resistance

There should be some type of water resistance incorporated into the watch. Some people are diving with them while others are only washing their hands while wearing watches. The water resistance should be at least 3ATM to offer comfort and be suitable for basic activities. It must reach anywhere between 20 to 100ATM water resistance to be good for diving.

The Finish

A tell-tale sign of a good watch is how much care and attention are put into the finishing. You want precise finishing on a watch with polished and brushed surfaces as well as sharp edges. You can also examine the watch hands to see if additional details have been incorporated as well as the surface of the glass.


At the higher end of watches, you’ll begin to find that some are adorned with precious gemstones. Watches that have diamonds or other stones on them will be worth more than watches that don’t and can add an additional timeless quality to the piece you are picking out.

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