That gem you carry on your wrist may no longer be your favorite, or you may need the funds for another investment, but getting cash for your prized watch can be burdensome. Before putting it up for sale, there are a few steps you should take to ensure its proper appraisal and optimal value.

Soon, your once-prized designer watch could become a great deal for someone else. Here’s how to sell your watch with ease and security:

Assess the Value it Brings You

Before you put your watch up for sale, take a moment to assess the sentimental and monetary value it brings you. If keeping your watch has more sentimental value than what could be made selling it, then you might want to consider holding on to it.

On the other hand, if you feel like the money earned from selling your watch can be better used in other areas, then it might be time to put it on the market. And if you’re still unsure whether holding on to your wrist clock is worth it, making a checklist of pros and cons can help you decide whether or not to sell your watch so you can move forward with your prized possession.

Get an Appraisal

If you decide to take that leap and sell your watch, the best next course of action is getting it appraised. A professional appraisal will help you properly assess your watch’s value as well as provide you with a certificate of authenticity if needed.

But always be discerning and do your research in advance when selecting an appraiser as some may not have the experience or credentials to accurately assess your watch’s value. In turn, unfortunate circumstances like being overcharged or underpaid for the watch can occur. And when it comes to your watch, the last thing you need is to be cheated out of what you deserve.

Finding a Trustworthy Buyer

Once you know how much your fine watch is worth, it’s time to find a buyer to sell your watch. Several online marketplaces will connect you to prospective buyers such as:

  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • WatchBox

With some of these marketplaces, you can post pictures/videos of your watch as well as the type of payment you prefer to receive. 

Pro Tip: always make sure there is adequate lighting when taking pictures of your watch and be sure to include its serial number for added security and maximum exposure.

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