There are all sorts of reasons for women to wear watches – for basic timekeeping, for fashion, and for status, among others. Meanwhile, watch industry leaders have made a serious comeback into style trends going into 2021. Some women might prefer a more minimalist look when it comes to their watch, while others might prefer a flashier, more “old-school” watch, such as a gold Rolex. Others might want a watch that they can wear every day, while others may only wear watches on special occasions.


Here, we will examine some of the best watches for women. There are plenty of lists that you can explore when it comes to figuring out the best watches for women, men, and the best unisex watches – but let’s figure out what are some of the best watches for women going into 2021.


Cartier Santos 100 XL


One of the most popular watches for women right now is none other than the Cartier Santos. It is a classic women’s watch, and the Cartier Santos fits right in with its narrow and slender look. A classic band is complemented by a beautiful square frame. In the 100 XL edition, such as this one from Essex, the classic style is complemented with inset diamonds around the watch’s face.


Cartier is the brand behind this watch, a known and respected brand that is often at the forefront of the fashion world. Their watches don’t disappoint, and the Cartier Santos is no exception.


La D De Dior Diamond


If you’re looking for more of a statement piece, look no further than the La D De Dior Diamond. It’s a gorgeous piece featuring a slim, snakeskin-designed band complemented by a diamond-inlayed circular case around the watch face. And to top it all off? Pink mother of pearl shines beautifully from the face of this watch, making it an eye-catching addition to your collection.


How much must we say about Dior? Another titan of the fashion industry, their watches are made with exceptionalism and luxury in mind. The La D De Dior Diamond is a great addition to the Dior collection, and is sure to stand out.


Oyster Perpetual 36


Rolex has come out with the Oyster Perpetual 36, and it’s an exciting and unique addition to Rolex brand. The watch is interesting because it can be made with a variety of dial colors, including tangerine, pink, black, silver, or turquoise, all on a classic silver base. It’s a great watch that could be used for more of an everyday style than the standard Rolex. If you are looking for a piece that will be timeless and extremely high quality, look no further.


This Rolex watch is interesting because it is often thought of as an incredible choice for watches for both women and men. It’s a “sporty” Rolex that can make an excellent first impression. The Rolex has a stellar reputation as an outstanding watch, and the fact that they are venturing into more playful territory is something that many watch lovers appreciate.