an assortment of rings on display with different colored jewelsStacked wedding rings are a great way to add more style and interest to your wedding ring.  However, there are a few things to remember when stacking wedding rings. While there are no hard and fast rules with jewelry, here are some things to keep in mind.

What is a Wedding Ring Stack?

A wedding ring stack is when you wear your engagement ring, wedding band, and other rings together to create a cohesive look.  It can be a great way to add more personality to your wedding ring, as well as make a statement.

How to Wear Stacked Wedding Rings


  • Consider the overall look you want to achieve. Do you want a more vintage feel? A modern touch? Something unique?
  • Choose complementary metals. If your engagement ring is platinum, choose other rings in the same color family so they don’t clash.
  • Consider the width of the rings. Choose rings with similar widths so they don’t overshadow each other.
  • Wear ring guards. Precious metals and stones can rub against each other and erode over time.
  • Fit the shapes of your rings together. Rings that nest together look more cohesive and intentional.
  • Opt for a raised engagement ring setting. This will allow your engagement ring to be the star of the show and provide variety to your stack.


  • Wear your stacked rings to bed. Take them off before you go to sleep so they don’t get damaged.
  • Wear your stacked rings in the shower. Soap can build up and damage the rings.
  • Forget to have your rings cleaned and inspected regularly. When you stack rings, they tend to get dirtier than by themselves, so it’s important to keep them clean.

How Many Rings Should You Have in Your Stack?

Your stack should include your engagement ring and your wedding band. From there, you can add as many or as few rings as you’d like.  A good rule of thumb is to have one “statement” ring and at least two “supporting” rings. The statement ring should be the most eye-catching–  usually, that’s your engagement ring, while the supporting rings should complement it.

A good rule of thumb for stacked wedding rings is odd numbers. Having an odd number of rings is more pleasing to the eye. Opt for three or five rings at a time.

Can You Mix Metals and Stones?

Yes! In fact, mixing metals and stones can add more interest to your stacked rings.  Try pairing a white gold ring with a yellow gold ring. You can also mix different colored stones, like diamonds in your engagement ring and sapphires in your wedding band.

The key is to choose complementary colors and metals that work well together. Avoid too much variety, as it can look busy and over the top.

Shopping for Your Wedding Ring Stack

The first piece of your stacked wedding rings should be your engagement ring. It should make the biggest statement and all your other rings should complement it. Find pictures for inspiration online before buying any rings. Once you have an idea of the overall look you want, start shopping around.

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