An engagement ring is precious for many reasons. It is a piece of jewelry that most have never had experience caring for, which may cause you to have many questions about when to where it and how to keep it in good condition. We offer some tips on keeping it beautiful and sparkling for years to come.

Avoid Chemicals

While engagement rings can be pretty durable, you still want to avoid getting it in contact with certain substances especially harsh chemicals. Cleaning products are not good for the health of your ring so avoid getting bleach or other cleaning agents on it.

In addition, it’s also good to be stay conscious of any other chemicals or products that you use. Scented soaps, lotions, perfume, and even sunscreen or hand sanitizer can lead to buildup on your ring and cause damage to it over time.

Know When to Take Your Ring Off

It’s important to know when to keep your engagement ring on and when to take it off. For example, while it may be tempting to remove it while you’re washing your hands in a public restroom, we highly advise against this. There are too many opportunities for it to get forgotten or slip down the drain that it is better to eliminate the risk completely. Gentle soap and water are also some of the best ways to clean a ring so don’t worry too much about removing it when you wash your hands.

On the other hand, you should take your ring off before any activities that could damage it such as a trip to the gym where you’ll be weightlifting or an afternoon in your backyard gardening. It’s also best to take it off before you shower, hit the beach, or do housework.

Consider Insurance for Your Ring

Engagement rings are valuable possessions and should be treated as such. We all know the emotional value they hold, and, in many cases, they also hold quite a bit of financial value. In the case your ring gets lost, damaged, or stolen, you’ll feel less stressed about needing to replace an expensive ring. This insurance can usually be added to homeowners’ insurance or renters’ insurance.

Have a Designated Spot

Many of us are familiar with leaving our rings around our house, in our bags, or in various pockets and then forgetting where we put it. Having a designated spot for keeping your ring will help save you the panic of searching for it later on. This could be a drawer in your jewelry box, your bedside table, or specific pockets of your purse. The important part is to keep it consistent so that if you take it off before going to the gym, you know exactly where it is once you come back.

Another strategy is to keep ring dishes all over your home. Keep them in places where you’re likely to take them off such as the bathroom or the kitchen. This way, you’ll know where to start checking even if you’re not sure exactly where it is.

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