A once-loved piece of fine jewelry becomes clutter if you never wear it. There comes a time when you need to let go of jewelry that is no longer being worn and allow someone else to enjoy it. Unfortunately, the process isn’t always so simple if you don’t have knowledge of the jewelry market or are unsure of where to sell gold jewelry.

Discover the Value of Your Jewelry

The market value for a piece of fine jewelry can fluctuate. The best way to determine the true value of a piece of fine jewelry is to take it to an appraiser. Certified appraisers will help you discover the retail replacement value of the piece.

It is important to determine how much your jewelry is worth before selling because sometimes the value of the gold or stones is worth more than the jewelry. However, antique and designer jewelry is often more valuable when sold as a finished piece than for its gold.

Decide Where to Sell

How much you can expect to get for your jewelry will vary dramatically based on where you decide to sell it. It is best to check out a few different shops before deciding where to sell gold jewelry or any other fine jewelry.


Pawnshops are a viable option if you need to sell right away, but they may undervalue the piece by quite a bit. They generally don’t have current information on the prices of antique jewelry, and their customer base typically isn’t knowledgeable about antiques.

Check with a few different shops to get a range of prices. Prior to making a sale, check the price of gold to ensure that they aren’t low-balling you. You won’t get the current price of gold for your piece of jewelry, but it will give you a baseline for minimum pricing.

When selling your jewelry at a pawn shop, bring any extra items that you may have that accompanied the sale. For example, you will get more money if you sell a ring with the box. It makes it easier for the pawnshop to resell the item.

Jewelry Stores

Jewelry stores often offer higher prices than pawnshops, but not all jewelry stores buy jewelry. Check the Better Business Bureau to find a reputable buyer in your state. They will be listed as a member of a jewelry trade association.

Before you sell your fine jewelry, visit a few different jewelers to obtain quotes. Search the company online to see if they have any negative reviews. If the prices you are quoted seem too low, walk away from the deal.

Sell Your Fine Jewelry

Pawnshops will give you quick cash for very valuable jewelry, but it could be a fraction of what the piece is truly worth, and reputable jewelry stores that buy jewelry of any kind can be hard to find.

At Essex Fine Jewelry, we buy jewelry of all types and have experienced appraisers on hand to help you identify the true value of your items. If you’re interested in selling your fine jewelry in Atlanta, contact our experts today at (404) 649-5717 for an appraisal or contact us on our website. We’ll ensure that you get the best price possible.