close up of diamonds representing diamond shapes

Diamonds are everyone’s best friend and used to represent all kinds of special occasions from engagements to anniversaries. However, with so many diamond shapes to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right one for you or your loved one.

From princess to cushion, there are a variety of shapes to choose from. So how do you determine which diamond shapes are best for your special occasion?

Round Shape

You’ve probably seen it around, as it’s one of the most popular diamond shapes. The round diamond offers maximum brilliance and sparkle, often used in solitaire diamond settings.

Created in the 17th century, it’s still considered to be the most desirable shape.

Princess Shape

Making its debut in 1979, the princess shape remains a very popular choice for engagement rings. It’s a stunning square diamond with pointed corners that packs a punch.

Cushion Shape

This diamond has rounded corners and larger facets, offering a vintage look that adds a unique touch to diamond rings. It was the talk of the town during the 19th century and was cut primarily by hand.

It coined its name from its appearance: a seemingly cushion shaped pillow.

Marquise Shape

This diamond dates back the farthest, to 1745 when it first came out. It was first made in Paris, for King Louis XV, who desired a diamond shaped like the mouth of his mistress.

Its unique shape allows for more diamonds to be displayed on the ring, giving it the appearance of being larger than it actually is. It has a narrow point at both ends, creating the illusion of a larger diamond size, and the gem can make fingers appear longer and slimmer.

Oval Shape

Also known as oval elegant, this diamond shape gained popularity in the 1960s. This shape offers a similar look to a round diamond, but with a slightly elongated appearance. It was a game changer at that time, the first cut even close to competing with the round one.

Pear Shape

Featuring a teardrop shape, the pear diamond is elegant and feminine with one pointed end and one rounded end. It made its debut in the 14th century and has been popular ever since.

Emerald Shape

Also coming out in the 14th century, the emerald diamond features step cuts that create a hall of mirrors effect, emphasizing clarity. This diamond shape is often used in vintage-inspired diamond settings.

Heart Shape

Representing the ultimate symbol of love, the heart shape is romantic and unique. It was created in 1463 and was used as a private exchange between loved ones. More specifically, between the Duke of Milan and his confidante, Nicodemo.

Which Diamond Shape is Right for You?

Choosing the shape that best suits your style and preferences is key to finding the perfect diamond for you or your loved one. With so many options available, take some time to consider all of your options before making a decision.

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